The Joys And Wonders Of Stuffed Bears Gifts And Why Their Storage Areas Should Surrounded By A Cedar Fence In Austin, Texas

Stuffed animals have been in the market for a long period of time now. The stuffed animals can range from just about any animal that has walked on the surface of the earth. Their sizes also vary due to the customers taste and preference. They also serve a variety of reasons and are common among both adults and children. These stuffed toys can cost a surprisingly large sum of money. They are preferred by children as toys and can also be offered as gifts during holidays like Valentine’s Day and even birthdays. But what people do not realize is that they have the option of making their own stuffed bears. It could be just for the fun of it or maybe a business venture. Whichever reason it is, you can now make your own stuffed bear.

teddy-bear-1There are a variety of customized options of putting things together all alone. Some of the thing that were left for the manufacturing plants to do are now slowly entering the do it yourself category. Therefore this totally depends on what you want. You can use your imagination to the wildest. Nowadays, many people want to see and feel their personal touch on various things, especially items that are somewhat personal or have a sentimental value to them. It is important because one might want to send a particular message and the best way to do that is customizing a gift with your own personal touch. Of course buying a manufactured stuffed bear can also do the trick, however, if you want something done in the best way, do it yourself. This also greatly applies to fencing your property. You can use the available do-it-yourself pamphlets and install your fence. For the best cedar fence in Austin, Texas look at This should come to mind whenever you think about the idea of making your own stuffed bear. But if you feel that you cannot make a stuffed bear from scratch, another alternative is choosing the perfect bear that depicts your style and adding your personal touch to it.

Finding a stuffed bear for different age-groups

teddy-bear-2There is a different type of stuffed bear for every age group, not to mention the very many options that are available to choose from. A stuffed bear or any other plush or stuffed toy can be a great gift or a good supplement for another gift. Here are some simple rules you must follow to find the perfect stuffed bear for any and every age group. First and foremost, if you are looking to find a perfect gift for little girls around the age of 2-10 years, the idea is to keep everything magical and colorful. For instance, you could always get her a Pegasus or a unicorn stuffed toy. But you have to be careful, they might want to ride their unicorns around in the street. This may lead to accidents. That is why it is advisable to install a fence to keep them within the compound. Click here on how to build a wood fence.

And if you are looking for a stuffed animal for a teen, then you might want to consider looking for something that has some significance. For example, a stuffed lion or tiger is used to portray strength and courage. And if your gift will be for someone above the age of 20, then you should go for the classic teddy bear. You can couple this with flowers and chocolate. Or alternatively, look for any stuffed toy that can act as a decoration for their house or office. Another option which can be great for decorating a house is installing a fence around it.

Finding a stuffed animal for various personalities

Stuffed animals can also be chosen according to someone’s personality. For example, a stuffed Viky’s African Rainbow bears with a cute bow tie. However the recipient may be someone who loves nature. Therefore try and look for a stuffed animal that is natural, realistic and one which is based on wildlife. And if the recipient is talkative, look for a stuffed animal which is colorful and portrays their personality. And if the gift is for some who is reserved, look for a natural looking stuffed animal or a white or brown bear. And if the recipient has a good sense of humor, get him or her a funny looking stuffed monkey. Someone’s personality can also determine the type of fence they will install.

Finding a stuffed animal for various occasions

teddy-bear-3It is also good to consider what the occasion is before you can get a stuffed animal. It may also include getting animals which are seasonally appropriate for example a polar bear during winter, an eagle on Independence Day. But while doing this you can add you own personal touch. However, a teddy bear is perfect for all seasons and occasions. But to make it special, add a few personal things to it. You can stitch the recipient’s name or initials or the stuffed animal. But if you find this too difficult to do, you can try to make the stuffed animal special through linking it to his or her passion. Another way to make different occasions or holidays special is by decorating your yard by installing beautiful fence.

Reasons why a stuffed bear is good for Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is one occasion where by a stuffed bear can never go wrong. You can choose a stuffed animal of any size, whether it is small and cute or big and cuddly, a stuffed bear is the best gift for this occasion as it shows how much your significant other means to you. You can always accompany the stuffed bear with some chocolates, wine and flowers, as well as a simple dinner out on your fenced yard to allow some privacy.

It is very romantic

There’s nothing that will heighten your romance quite like some chocolates, a teddy bear, a candle lit dinner and a bouquet of flowers. This is the perfect recipe to an occasion such as Valentine’s Day. It is the archetypal I-love-you present for a good reason, and will do a great job in conveying your feelings. During such days, a stuffed bear can come as a package with flowers but you can also choose to purchase them separately to personalize everything. It is always best to get their favorite flowers and a stuffed bear in her favorite color. You can also add a candle lit dinner and some music in a secluded or private place. To achieve this you can install a privacy fence to also keep you protected from the chilly winds in the evening.

Can be customized to fit every budget

You don’t have to worry about your pocket when you want to buy a stuffed bear, it is something that you can purchase without breaking your bank balance. The stuffed bears can easily accommodate any budget. You can choose a stuffed bear depending on the brand and the size. Their price range is always around ten dollar to five hundred dollars. Stuffed bears are affordable and sentimental gifts. You may choose to go small but cute, or choose to go all out and purchase a 90 inch stuffed bear.

They are great keepsake

Although chocolates and candy are a great valentine’s gift, stuffed bears have an added advantage of sticking around for a long period of time. Therefore it will be a constant memento of that special day. This will enable your loved one to always remember your feelings and that special day. Here is a great idea to go with, give your loved one a stuffed bear which is having a bottle opener. This will get them confused in the beginning but you should then pull out a bottle of wine or champagne from behind you. This is a good surprise for your special occasion. Even those who do not have sweet hearts can still offer a stuffed bear as a gift on Valentine’s Day. Present the stuffed bear to your family and friends for that thoughtful gift that shows you are always thinking of them. A stuffed bear does not only have to symbolize only romantic love, they can also represent all kinds of love and still be much appreciated and very appropriate.

Remember that no matter the type of love, a stuffed bear will be a special gift for a valentine’s day. It is a classic present which will not only be romantic, but fun and affordable. Not to mention it is a great way of marking a special day.

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Viky’s African Rainbow Bears

4e717e47c4562d845041f867dd8167c9I was born in Spain and emigrated to South Africa with my family as a teenager.

In my adoptive country I discovered a fascinating wealth of cultural traditions and religious beliefs very different from the European background I had grown up in. Colours, smells, textures and even the quality of light are different in Africa and all this has strongly influenced the designs of my bears.

I studied Fine Art & Graphic Design at university and lived and worked in the creative environment of painting and sculpture for over 15 years. The birth of my first child in 1995 marked the beginning of my bear making career. I needed a creative outlet which allowed me to tend for my child at any moment. I also had an intense desire to make a bear for him so I got hold of a book on bear projects and I have been making bears ever since.pexels-photo-1079601

Designing my own patterns came easily to me and I have done so with every bear I have made after my first attempt. Getting hold of fabrics and bear making materials was not so easy. Bear vickyallumvickyloughermaking in South Africa does not have a long established history and I often had to experiment and make do with the fabrics I could get hold of locally and on the internet. This set me off on a road of discovery that I still love to travel. Combining different fabrics, colours and textures often become the starting point of my new bears and each one is filled with the character and personality of the materials I use in making it. Most of my bears are therefore one of a kind.

I also love the intimacy of the small size bears. The interaction of holding and cuddling a bear in one hand and having to hold the bear close to see and appreciate all the detail that goes into its making.

I love experimenting with different techniques and at the moment, apart from sewing bears, I am discovering new media like needle felting and thread to create bears. Some times I use each media on its own and at other times I incorporate different media in one bear. This element of wonder and discovery fascinates me and it is an inherent part of my bear’s personality.


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