Viky’s African Rainbow Bears

4e717e47c4562d845041f867dd8167c9I was born in Spain and emigrated to South Africa with my family as a teenager.

In my adoptive country I discovered a fascinating wealth of cultural traditions and religious beliefs very different from the European background I had grown up in. Colours, smells, textures and even the quality of light are different in Africa and all this has strongly influenced the designs of my bears.

I studied Fine Art & Graphic Design at university and lived and worked in the creative environment of painting and sculpture for over 15 years. The birth of my first child in 1995 marked the beginning of my bear making career. I needed a creative outlet which allowed me to tend for my child at any moment. I also had an intense desire to make a bear for him so I got hold of a book on bear projects and I have been making bears ever since.pexels-photo-1079601

Designing my own patterns came easily to me and I have done so with every bear I have made after my first attempt. Getting hold of fabrics and bear making materials was not so easy. Bear vickyallumvickyloughermaking in South Africa does not have a long established history and I often had to experiment and make do with the fabrics I could get hold of locally and on the internet. This set me off on a road of discovery that I still love to travel. Combining different fabrics, colours and textures often become the starting point of my new bears and each one is filled with the character and personality of the materials I use in making it. Most of my bears are therefore one of a kind.

I also love the intimacy of the small size bears. The interaction of holding and cuddling a bear in one hand and having to hold the bear close to see and appreciate all the detail that goes into its making.

I love experimenting with different techniques and at the moment, apart from sewing bears, I am discovering new media like needle felting and thread to create bears. Some times I use each media on its own and at other times I incorporate different media in one bear. This element of wonder and discovery fascinates me and it is an inherent part of my bear’s personality.